Knowledge for Living


Who We Are

We envisioned to inspire.

Knowledge for Living is a non-profit organization that aims to provide quality education to the underprivileged communities. We envisioned to inspire our future generations to develop personal skills, civic sense, and leadership potential to serve the society in a better way. Knowing that education is the backbone of any successful nation, we intend to develop societies through various learning programs and scholarships.

Our Approach

We Facilitate Safe Learning Spaces

Our team is working relentlessly to enhance and promote a learning environment within deprived communities which encourage them to emerge as a responsible citizen of a society. Providing various learning opportunities, we equipped youth, adults, and families with basic knowledge to become aware of their social obligations, being an individual, a family member, and a responsible citizen. Further, we offer programs in various foreign languages such as English, Spanish, and Arabic to encourage communities, build stronger in a place they live in.

To foster educational and learning environment, Knowledge for Learning is committed to serving communities with the following training and learning programs: 

  • To provide training for increasing technical, vocational and professional competence among adult’s men or women to prepare them for finding a job or keeping him/her update on the latest developments in the area of the specific profession;
  • To offer educational programs for welfare, health, family relations, childcare, hygiene, etc.;
  • To provide training for developing community, civic and political competence among adults;
  • To transform ideas into real success by transferring required skill sets to make individuals self-skilled through well-structured mentoring program;
  • To offer computer training program for keeping young men and women updated on the existing and upcoming trends in this field;
  • To introduce wellness program for improving individual’s health and well-being, etc.