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Role of Educational Technology in Learning

Technology plays a vital role in the overall learning process. Studies show that with the inception of educational technology, students learning, understanding, and achievements have been improved drastically. It not only augments motivation and encourages collaborative learning, but supports the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By implementing technology properly, it will promote a learning environment that tends to move classrooms from teacher-dominated settings to learner-oriented settings.

Unlike conventional educational resources where textbooks used to be the only source of information and teachers are the sole interpreter of knowledge, Educational Technology has opened up new areas of learning. It has dramatically affected the conventional roles of teachers and resources. Today, the entire education system has been revolutionized with the advent of technology. Now, teachers have diverse media resources to get assistance and complement the instructional work.


In this era of technological advancement, teachers have diverse resources and materials through which they can specify the learning intentions and perform overall course structuring and planning. Without their help, educational processes cannot proceed systematically. The significant role of educational technology can be seen in every aspect of learning strategies and systems in one way or another. Some of its highlights are as follows:


  1. Educational technology has transformed ways of learning from a passive classroom to an active and interactive classroom, with audio-visuals, charts and models, smart classrooms, and e-learning room, which has drastically motivated and increased the students’ attentiveness. It has provided a scientific foundation for educational theory and practices.
  2. Due to its invaluable introduction, the teaching-learning climate of the educational institutions has been modernized. Now, the learners got an opportunity to gain exposure to professionally designed programs on computers or videos.
  3. It assisted and helped teachers in their teaching programs through structured lessons. With this technological innovation, the teachers are relieved of routine repetition for exercise and revisions. On the other hand, learners get training for self-instruction.
  4. It has provided well-structured materials to teachers through the systematic organization of content and instructional materials that saves their significant time, which they can utilize in some creative work and quality improvement.
  5. Proper training and regular use of technology contribute a lot to the professional growth of teachers. It equips them with scientific skills for solving administrative and academic problems that increase their competence level and overall productivity in their domain.
  6. It has made the learning and teaching process very easy and process-oriented. With the effective use of Television, Radio, V.C.R, Computers, and LCD projectors, etc., knowledge can be shared and transmitted more effectively and efficiently.
  7. It has improved the ways of teaching and maintained the standards of education.
  8. It has opened up new opportunities in educational research to facilitate the examination process, evaluation, and classroom teaching.
  9. It helps produce effective teachers by utilizing an effective mechanism of feedback devices to modify teaching-learning behavior.
  10. It acts as a learning partner and facilitates students who appear for higher or competitive examinations by offering educational programs on T.V, Radio, and the Internet for their assistance.
  11. Considering each learning needs, educational technology has provided practices and strategies that help teachers teach according to individual differences.
  12. It also offers a strong scientific foundation for education through various learning and intelligence theories.


Thus, educational technology has become an integral part of the learning process covering every aspect of teaching and learning. Today, education is more than a lecturer, and technology has been an integral part of its development. Educational Technology has transformed the ways people learning and retaining information. It not only serves all the purposes of modern education but also strengthens overall education systems and processes. Without it, the education system can’t survive for long because it has not only maintained the structure but improved the nature of the educational process. Therefore, educational technology plays a fundamental role in shaping education’s future and supporting today’s economy’s growth and progression.


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