Lack of Education due to Poverty in the United States

Poverty has many roots like a tree but only one factor i.e., Education can help communities to
fight against poverty. It is not always necessary that a person without an education is living an
extremely poor life, but the fact is that most of the people living in extreme poverty do lack basic
education which means they are unable to have access to the quality education and they are
more likely to live in poverty for years to come.

Education is the backbone of the economy that has a direct relationship with many solutions of
poverty in terms of economic growth, decrease in income inequality, child labor, home and
society’s violence, vulnerability to severe diseases, maternal and infant deaths, etc.

The developing, as well as developed countries with people living below poverty lines, are more
prone to have a lack of basic education. The United States, being one of the most developed
countries in the world, has one of the highest poverty rates due to which the disadvantaged
communities lack the fulfillment of basic needs, and most importantly they do not have access
to education. Because poverty negatively affects their mental and physical health, reduce a
child’s ability to concentrate and memorize information, and diminishes their attentiveness and
motivation. Despite various measures taken by each society, especially by the United States, to
expand the education system from the grassroots level, the gaps between affluent and less
privileged children are still wider than ever.

It is also evident from the statistics of the poverty rate in the United States in 2018:

  • About 25.9% of the population of the United States are living below the poverty line who
    have no access to high school education;
  • About 12.7% of the people with high school education were living below the poverty line, in the year 2018;
  • In 2018, around 8.4% of the people with some college education and 4.4% of people with Bachelor’s Degree were living below the poverty line.

Poverty became one of the most severe problems in the United States in a way that poor children
enter the school with this readiness gap that grows more as they get older. In this way, they feel
isolated, suffer anxiety due to their social status, scared of poverty’s consequences, experience
feelings of failure, and incapability of society to help them in their struggles.

In the quest to reduce the gap between poverty and education, various initiatives have been
taken by the United States government from improving the education system at the national
level to extending its access to the poor community. To serve this purpose, many NGOs and
welfare communities of the United States are also contributing towards society by providing
support and access to rich education for the underprivileged communities with the hope of
bringing prosperity in the future. Let’s join hands and donate more to educate underprivileged
humanity and helping families to escape the cycle of poverty.

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